Friday, February 01, 2008

I Come With News

Last night, at about 1am, Josh Johnson called me about the possibility of making a new movie. It would be a new concept, independent of the "I Shall Avenge My _______" series. He proposed we do a movie based on the video game "Metal Gear Solid". I'm not sure what the plot or purpose of such a movie would be, but it could, at least, be hilariously terrible and pointless. This movie wouldn't be started until this summer, if we make it at all, so don't get excited. There are quite a few obsticals we'd need to overcome: scheduling, writing a script, me moving, and the fact that no one currently even has a camera, but it is always possible.

I Shall Avenge My Uncle

I Shall Avenge My Father

Your thoughts, your will to live, all is lost at the end of your journey. Your heart will bleed, full of regret and sorrow, as you stand idle. Will you survive? Only the wind can foretell the ending of your dreams.