Saturday, August 26, 2006

Taking a Break

I'm over half done editing the movie, but I've hit a slump, I'm going to take a couple days off to regain my creative edge.


constant_k said...

C'mon kurt, you can finish this thing before school starts. I know you can.

Then johnson and I can help with the commentary, and we should have this bidness all ready by christmas. Or halloween.

Jon Cox said...

Very cool! Keep up the AWESOME work! Constant_K-It's just a blogger connection.

constant_k said...


Jon are you a senior in high school?

The_Janitor said...

Max I am working on it again. I got about 40 minutes of it done.

constant_k said...

Aw yeah kurt. I want to do that director commentary soon.

How much left to do, approx?

The_Janitor said...

about 20 minutes, but the last 20 are like the hardest of the entire movie.

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