Sunday, June 11, 2006

Belgum: It's All About Accuracy


constant_k said...

So kurt...are these supposed to be clips? Because all I'm getting is still pictures.

Also, you should post on the mustcahe blog and direct folks to this site once you get it going.

Also, we need to finish the movie. Call me!

The_Janitor said...

No these are just pictures. I've got one of all the main characters and I'm going to post them

The_Janitor said...

How are we going to finish the movie? you don't have the hair and Josh has different colored hair.

constant_k said...

KURT, none of that matters. We'll just include a disclaimer, maybe voiceover explinations. Or just explain it to people while they're watching it.

but we have to finish it. That's for sure.

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