Monday, June 19, 2006


We're still missing some required footage for the movie. It's either on a tape that I don't have, or it got taped over while we were shooting at some point. We don't have the demonstration of strength thing (speed power balance finesse), the part were he gives the stache to blacksmith for forging, jet putting on burns, the sit/stand part during argument,and possibly other stuff I haven't noticed we are missing yet.

On a better note I did find that missing tape with the beatdown, the beginning of the argument, Jet running through the woods and the original Ellens/ Chief footage/


royalewithcheese_ said...

it's kinda like how noah had to build an ark and find two of every animal. well all you have to do is find one of each segment. You can do it, or just re-record all of the lost film

constant_k said...

Good analogy.

Kurt, we also need a scene where Jet see's the disguised dante ("sanchez") and invites him back to his compound for the final fight scene.

The_Janitor said...

We should call Johnson some time and get all of this done, we really only need me you and johnson.

The_Janitor said...

We either taped over something or we are missing a tape, because we are alson missing Jet putting on the burns.

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